Thursday, 28 August 2014

KIKO Water Eye Shadow - 208

A few weeks ago I picked the popular KIKO Water Eye Shadow in 208 from their store at Westfield. This eye shadow like many other things has been on my wish list for ages especially after hearing it was similar to MAC's Limited Edition Extra Dimension Skin Finish in Whisper of Guilt. I have never seen Whisper of Guilt or to be honest even really cared about it but I was intrigued to find out more about the KIKO eye shadow that everyone keeps raving about being similar to it. I have only shopped at KIKO once and I was literally in and out to get a primer, so it was nice to actually have a look at what they have on offer this time around. I'm not sure if I am a KIKO covert yet but they have a very wide range of affordable cosmetics and beauty products that I will like to try when I get a chance to go back to their store.

KIKO Water Eye Shadow 208 | £8.90 - buy from  KIKO online or instore

The 208 eye shadow is a 'Water' eye shadow which can be worn wet or dry, or even worn as a highlighter. It is described by KIKO as a 'light gold' and the texture is very soft to the touch when I swatched it with my fingers. The product comes in an all black square eye shadow pan which is slightly a little bulky for my liking. I think the colour is a good shade of gold for my skin tone, it is not too bronzey or too light.

Swatched once and blended out 

As you can see from the above picture with one swipe of the product on my arm the eye shadow is very pigmented and the colour is even more intense when applied wet (sorry not pictured). I have only two negatives with the eye shadow, one is that I find it is a little flaky in the pan when I swiped my finger or brush over it however once it was applied and blended onto the skin the flakiness disappears and the smooth soft texture remains. I also find that the shimmer particles in the eye shadow a bit bigger than I personally like. They are not massive specks of glitter which I absolutely hate but they are still visible enough for me to notice it, I don't think I will personally be using it as a highlighter on my skin but I will definitely be using it as an eye shadow both wet and dry. All in all this is a very good multi use eye shadow and I can see why it is popular. 

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

MAC Haul

I have been buying so much new makeup items recently from so many great brands I haven't tried before but amidst of it all I have still managed to do a mini haul from my trusted MAC.

Fix+ (travel size) - £10
This is a standard purchase item. I especially love to spray it on my foundation brush/beauty blender before my foundation and concealer application. also love to spritz it on my face after applying my makeup to get rid of the cakey feel. I bought two one for my personal use and one for my kit.

Pigment - Tan - £17
This is my first MAC pigment but Tan has been on my wishlist for ages after seeing it on YouTube. Tan is described by MAC as being a 'muted pinky brown bronze' and it is such a nice colour on. I really love it on brown skin and I saw a few tutorials on YouTube where it was being used as a highlighter and it looked amazing.

MAC x Lorde Pure Heroine Lipstick - £16
Pure Heroine  is a limited edition lipstick in collaboration with Lorde. It is described by MAC as a 'deep plum' and it is in an amplified finish. I haven't worn it yet and to be honest it wasn't on my radar when it came out but I just had to get it. One being that it is a purple lipstick and I have an addiction to purples and two it was a limited edition which I may regret. Simple. 

MAC Pro Conceal & Correct Palette - Dark - £35
I have been mmeaningto buy this palette for a while for my makeup kit. It has for concealer colours in the Studio Finish formula NC45, NW45, NC 50 & NW55 which can be used for highlighting and contouring  depending on the skin tone and also for concealing. The other two colours: Ochre and Pure Orange are for correcting blemishes and dark areas. I have already used the Pure Orange colour on a client and it is great for correcting dark spots on darker skin. 

MAC Eyebrow Pencil - Spiked - £13.50
Spiked is a dark brown eyebrow pencil from MAC and it is one of my constant repurchases.

Pro Long Wear Concealer - NC45 - £17 (not pictured)
Sorry I forgot to take a picture of this concealer it is a new purchase for me that I decided to buy it on a whim. I haven't use this formula before but I am willing to try new things. I bought it a shade lighter than my skin tone to use for brightening up under my eyes especially on a day when I am running on minimal sleep, nothing too dramatic.

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette

Too Faced Chocolate Bar Eyeshadow Palette from BeautyBay | £40.05 (RRP £45)

I know I may be a little late to the party as usual but I finally purchased the Too Faced Chocolate Bare Eyeshadow Palette in July after much deliberation about whether I needed it or not, obviously I needed it! The eyeshadow palette compromises of 16 colours with shade names that make me hungry, also 2 of the eyeshadows are double the size of the normal pans. Now this eyeshadow palette is just amazing! It is encased in a large chocolate bar style case and once opened it smells divine with the chocolate aromas instantly hitting my nose. Now I am not the biggest chocolate fan and I only indulge once in a while but if they all taste how this eyeshadow palette smells I think I would be eat it more often.

The Chocolate Bar eyeshadow palette consists of neutrals, browns, warm purples and golden shades and it boasts being made with pure antioxidant cocoa powder. Too Faced stated that "Co-Founder and Creative Director Jerrod Blandino was inspired to combine the power of antioxidant-rich cocoa powder and makeup while having a chocolate facial and learning about the benefits of cocoa at a Hawaiian spa." I have previously heard of the antioxidant properties of chocolate in beauty products before but I have never experienced it so I cannot speak of how great it is. However, but I am happy at the chocolate / makeup combination from Too Faced. The eyeshadows are very easy to use and I experienced very little fall out when I used it. Some of the golden/shimmer shades such as, Creme Brulee, Marzipan and Amaretto feel very smooth to the touch. 

I only swiped the eyeshadows once on my arms but as you can see from the below swatches the eyeshadows are a very pigmented apart from one or two and they show up well on my skin. My favourite colours are Creme Brulee, Hazelnut and Black Forest Truffle however, I am not to fond of White Chocolate, Semi Sweet and Strawberry Bon Bon they seem a little chalky in texture and on my skin.

l-r: Gilded Ganache | Salted Caramel | Hazelnut | White Chocolate | Marzipan | Creme Brulee | Semi Sweet | Haute Chocolate

l-r: Milk Chocolate | Strawberry Bon Bon | Cherry Cordial | Black Forest Truffle | Candied Violet | Triple Fudge | Amaretto | Champagne Truffle

Now my only gripe with this product is the price and it is why it took my a long time to finally commit to buying it. Now that I have bought the palette I am more than happy with it and wished I had bought it sooner but, it bugs me that this product retails for $49 (apprx £30) however it is sold in the UK for £40-£45 depending on where you buy it. Why do we always have to get the short straw in the UK and get bumped up on price? Anyway that is my only complaint I love the the eyeshadow palette and it will be featuring in my upcoming makeup looks. See my previous post where I created my first  look using the palette.

Saturday, 9 August 2014

Too Faced Chocolate Bar Eyeshadow Palette - Makeup Look

Click photo to enlarge
A quick post to show you all a makeup look I created last weekend with my new Too Faced Chocolate Bar Eyeshadow Palette, can we talk about how amazing this palette smells? It smells like actual chocolate and I  now crave chocolate every time I smell it (blog post coming soon). I decided to go a little glam with the makeup for the evening so I thought it was the perfect time to use my new Chocolate Bar Palette for the first time. I also brought out Candy Yum-Yum for this which I haven't worn since about April last year.

To recreate this look here is a list of the products I used:
Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer
Lancome Teint Idole Ultra 24hr - no.11 (Muscade)
MAC Fix+ (sprayed on foundation brush)
MAC Select Cover-Up Concealer - NC45 (used to highlight under eyes & bridge of nose)
Ben Nye Banana Powder (used to set highlight under eyes & bridge of nose)
MAC Studio Finish Concealer - NC50  (used on blemishes and tidy up eyebrows)
MAC Blot Powder - Dark
Sleek Face Contour Kit - Dark (for cheeks)
MAC Blush - Pinch Me

Too Faced Choclate Bar Eyeshadow Palette, the colours I used were:
Haute Chocolate (used all over lids)
Cherry Cordial (used to blend in my crease & on lower lash line)
Creme Brulee (all over lids on top of Haute Choclate)
Marzipan (inner eye corners and to highlight brow bone)
Sephora Retractable Waterproof Eyeliner - Black (lower lash)
MAC Fluidline Gel Eyeliner - Blacktrack
Lancome Hynose Drama Mascara - Black
Eye Candy Eyelashes - Classic Strip Lashes

NYX Lip Liner - Fuschia (all over lips)
MAC Lipstick - Candy Yum-Yum

I really loved my eyes turned out and I now want to experiment more with the Too Faced Chocolate Bar Eyeshadow Palette. I wore NYX Fuchsia lip liner all over my lips and then I applied Candy Yum-Yum on top of it to make it more wearable.

Munch Club

For all my foodies out there next week Saturday sees the launch of Munch Club in London by Agogo's catering company. The concept of Munch Club is African-Caribbean fine dining in London by bringing new flavours together. The Munch Club will be in a dining scene with a pop-up restaurant opening for one day at the Music Room on Molton Street, London.

With award winning chef, Anthony Cumberbatch putting together the dishes you can expect nothing short of the best food at Munch Club. So whatever you had planned for August 16th make sure you make your way to Munch Club for a fine dining experience you won’t forget – for all the right reasons! 

Take a peep at the 3 course menu from Agogo's that will be served on the night.

Event Details:
Date: 16th August 2014
Time: 6pm-10pm
Location: The Music Room, 26 South Molton Lane, Mayfair, London, W1K 5LF
Buy your tickets here

For further information, please contact: Jide Ariyo at Agogo’s Food 07961220855
Twitter: @AgogosFood | Instagram: @AgogosFood

See you there!

Thursday, 7 August 2014

Tarte Amazonian Clay Airbrush Foundation

Tarte Airbuki Bamboo Brush 
Tarte Amazonian Clay Airbrush Foundation - Rich Sand
£34 bought from QVC UK

Back in March 2014 Tarte a US cosmetics brand was released in the UK on QVC. Prior to this Tarte wasn't available in the UK so I never paid much attention to the brand apart from seeing reviews that their Amazonian Clay Blushers were apparently really good. As soon as I saw that Tarte was available in the UK I began to do some research on the brand and I became really interested in the Amazonian Clay Airbrush Foundation and I eventually bought it in June. I have always used MAC's MSF mineral powder which works well for me so I thought this one would be a great alternative to try especially with it being marketed as having Amazonian Clay in it. I bought it online from QVC for £34 for both the Amazonian Clay Airbrush Foundation and the Aibuki Bamboo brush which is a great deal because when I have looked at it being sold in the US they are both sold separately and it would cost approximately $62 (£38) to buy both. If you buy this foundation I insist you get the Airbuki brush too, it works so well with the foundation and it is so soft to touch.  

Tarte describe the Amazonian Clay Airbrush Foundation as 'A 12-hour full coverage, weightless powder foundation...The skintuitive™ formula invigorates skin tone and texture for a youthful complexion. Powered by Amazonian clay enriched with the Earth’s natural, light-reflecting gemstones, this moisture-rich powder buffs on smoothly for waterproof, 12-hour coverage that won’t settle into fine lines and wrinkles.' The foundation is available in 11 shades however I feel that only three of those shades are suitable for women of colour which are Medium-Tan Sand, Tan Sand and Rich Sand. I bought the darkest shade available which is Rich Sand, it is described as being for deeper skin with yellow undertones. That description sounded perfect for me because I have very yellow undertone to my skin. I couldn't find many swatches of the Rich Sand foundation shade on darker skin tones online so  I decided to buy it and hope for the best, luckily for me it is perfect for me. I think the Rich Sand shade would work with a lot of skin tones similar to mine even slightly darker. Unfortunately, it is the darkest shade they have at the moment so it won't work for everyone especially if you have red undertones to your skin.

The foundation feels very light to touch and on my skin, it is also very finely milled and even creamy feel to it when applied to my skin. It blended in very well when I buffed it in with the Airbuki brush and it did not feel like I had foundation on my face after application and throughout the day. The mesh net on the foundation stops too much product coming out when the brush is pushed against it. With all powder foundations I prep my skin before applying it. I made sure I moisturised any dry patches I have (powder foundations tend to emphasise dry patches), then I used a primer for my oily t-zone area and once that all had time to settle into my skin I then used my liquid concealer under my eyes and on a few blemishes on my forehead. I still have quite a tan from my holiday so I am using a concealer just a shade darker than my skin tone to blend any patches I have. Once I finished prepping my face I then applied the foundation by buffing it into my face in circular motions. I have quite an oily t-zone in the summer and I found that this foundation was good on these areas, as long as I primed it before hand. I did find that after maybe 6 hours of wear I needed t use a very little amount of blot powder for the shine that came through.

Tarte Airbuki Bamboo Brush - The Amazonian Clay Airbrush Foundation Powder on my hand

Wearing the Tarte Amazonian Clay Airbrush Foundation - Rich Sand
The Rich Sand shade blends in well with my skin even with my holiday tan. Can we just talk about my "radioactive" tan that refuses to leave 7 weeks after my holiday?