Monday, 12 August 2013

I Heart Sunglasses

I am addicted to many things in life one of my many addictions are sunglasses. I have so many of them but I am forever buying more to add to my collection. I just recently went on a 5 night holiday to Ibiza (more to come about that later) and I took 13 pairs of sunglasses with me. Yes you read that right 13 pairs! (bows head in shame).

Anyway a few months back I managed to buy 7 pairs of sunglasses in the space of 2 days. Peep the pic below to see my buys.

Silver mirrored aviator style - H&M | Black with silver rim - ASOS | Round yellow mirrored - Topshop | Beige rimmed with mirrored lens - H&M | Gold rimmed hexagon shape - Topshop | Round rose tint - Topshop | Purple mirrored aviator style - H&M 

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