Sunday, 18 November 2012

My Life Captured via Instagram Pics

Here's what i've been getting up to lately via Instagram. I am addicted to this app and there is rarely a moment when I am not either uploading pics or liking pics of those that I follow. 

1. Running a Snow Fairy bath | 2. My surprise Birthday pressie (Links of London bracelet) | 3. Yankee Candle in Fluffy Towels | 4. Spa day @ The Sanctuary Spa Convent Garden for my bday | 5. Tea with evaporated milk (Nigerian style) | 6. Me rocking a wig with MAC's Rebel on my lips | 7. Tea & Cupcakes | 8. My infinity necklace | 9. My Blazers (Bday pressie to myself)  | 10. Wrapped up warm wearing my Faux Fur Trapper hat to work | 11. Bright outfit for work | 12. Me in my bright work outfit

13. Breakfast in bed when I was sick | 14. Lunchtime order of Pie & Mash @ work | 15. Random pic of me going out | 16. OPI nails | 17. Another random pic of me :) | 18. New Muji 5 drawer storage for my make up | 19. Zara delivery | 20. What I ordered from Zara | 21. Photo shoot make by me in Black Beauty Magazine | 22. Greedy Pizza Hut order during the week | 23. New Essie polishes | 24. The amount of Scotch bonnets my mum bought today

If you don't follow me already you can follow me on Instagram by my username: Henessy85 (or by clicking the link)


  1. I love it, can you take a look at my blog and maybe follow me? i follow back everyone.

  2. Loving it all hun, u know I dig ur style right! Fab photos,thanks for sharing x

  3. Love the pink lips n' nails!

  4. you are so beautiful... I love your instagram pics... very nice

  5. you are so beautiful... I love your instagram pics!