Saturday, 11 August 2012

Dinner at Big Easy

Last week Friday I took my little sister out to eat at Big Easy in Chelsea to celebrate her passing her exams and getting into university. I have been meaning to go to Big Easy for ages to try out their crab & lobster as I am a seafood fanatic and thought this was the perfect opportunity to try it out for the first time with my sis and bestie. If your not into seafood they also have steak and ribs etc on the menu too.

My meal: Whole Lobster, Chips, Salad & a cocktail for £19.99 (bargain or what?!?)

Only I would have a cocktail & cup of tea together (that Margarita hit the spot though)

I must say I loved everything about Big Easy, the atmosphere and the food was delicious!!! We even spotted a few of the Made in Chelsea cast there lol. 

I would advise anyone to book in advance if you're planning to go as I booked the day before and only got a table for 10pm :( The restaurant was very busy and we didn't get seated to about 10.30pm but since we got there an hour and half early we had some nibbles at Busaba Eathai nearby (to curb our hunger lol) and had a few cocktails at Big Easy which we had to have outside as it was really crammed inside.

lil sis enjoying her cocktail


  1. Wow lots of food! Your's sister's pretty. xoxo Demmy

  2. well done to your sis , you two are so beautiful.....and the food !!!! oh gosh !!! please just take me there now !!!! xoxo

    1. I still have dreams about the food lol

  3. mmmm... aww you two are gorgeous!

  4. Man how I miss London and their food!!!

  5. Omg your pictures are making my mouth water! Im booking a table now. Congrats to your sister xo

  6. WOW! everything looks so delish! congrats to your sister!

  7. The food looks so tasty! This restaurant looks like Joe's Crab Shack here in the U.S. Congrats to your sis ;-)

  8. you're both so pretty, and you inspired me - i've wanted to try lobster forever and never knew there was a place in london!