Sunday, 15 July 2012


This post is a little overdue but here it is. 

My friend and I went on holiday to Cancun, Mexico last month and we had a blast!!! The holiday came at a time when I most needed it and I couldn't have been happier to get a break from everyday life  to be laying on a beach drinking cocktails (even if it was only for 10 days). 

Cancun is a beautiful place and being located off the Caribbean sea meant we had the privileges of beautiful white beaches, blue seas and sweltering tropical weather. (even a mini tropical storm when we first arrived lol). Despite my initial perception that Cancun was just a holiday destination for party goers there were actually a lot of families and young couples (even a few weddings at our hotel). We stayed at an all inclusive hotel which which meant food and cocktails were on tap whenever we wanted. I loved the fact that I could lay on a lounger on the beach and have someone bring me a cocktail whenever I wanted it :)

Here are some pics from my hol that I want to share: 

Ocean view from our balcony

Click the below link to see more of my holiday pictures (*very picture heavy*)