Sunday, 25 March 2012

Nail Buys: Illamasqua & China Glaze

Hi guys, I hope you have all been enjoying the lovely weather we have recently had in the UK, personally it has been warm but not as hot as everyone has been making it out to be (I was told last week by a random guy at work that this weekend was going to be 'bikini' weather??? LOL).

Anyway whilst enjoying the weather yesterday in Central London I decided to pop into Illamasqua near Carnaby Street as I had been meaning for ages to get the Rare nail polish which is a neon yellow (pictured below). This colour has been on my mental wish list for ages and I was glad to have finally got my hands on it. I also bought Gamma from Illamasqua, a neon orange and I got Aquadelic from China Glaze, a turquoise colour which I ordered online.

Natural Light

 China Glaze - Aquadelic
Illamasqua - Gamma
Illamasqua - Rare

With Flash

I'm a sucker for brightly coloured nail polish and I cant wait to wear them as the weather warms up.

So today whilst randomly going through my neglected nail polish collection I stumbled across a neon yellow polish by China Glaze that I bought last summer. I cant believe that despite desperately wanting to get my hands on Rare I didn't realise that I owned a polish of the same colour. As you can see from the picture below there isn't a difference between the two polishes (it would only be me that makes a mistake like this). 

I'll have to see what they both look like on but I really cant see what the difference would be if there are any, even if I  applied them to my nails.

Monday, 19 March 2012

Look of the Day

Today was my day off and apart from a quick errand this afternoon I had the pleasure of going to a dessert spot with the bestie for some sweet grub!!
Today's look


Ring: H&M, Chain Bracelet: Primark, Watch: Gc


Banana crepe with banoffe ice cream & vanilla ice cream with toffee sauce Mmmm!! It was delicious!!

Caramel Tart
As soon as I set eyes on this tart I had to buy it to take home. It brought back my school lunch memories were I always loved when we had caramel tart on the menu. (I must admit as soon as I got in I had it straight away but it went down well with a good cup of tea *winks*)

Thursday, 1 March 2012

MAC Up the Amp Lipstick

Hi guys, I know I haven't blogged in a while due to being busy and being sick for a few weeks too (not fun at all). If I'm being honest I actually took this pic a few days before Christmas, so its not new *sorry* but I have been wearing this lipstick regularly since I rekindled my love for Up the Amp back in December. This is the only decent(ish) pic I have of me wearing it.

MAC Lipstick - Up the Amp
MAC Lipgelee - Moistly

I'm not really one to bang on about current trends and ish that much but Up the Amp always reminds me of a Spring/Summer colour, so it's only fitting that on the first day of Spring I put up this pic :-) I cant wait to wear this lipstick a lot more when the sun comes out properly this summer (that's if we get a summer!). I actually don't know why I didn't like this lipstick when I bought it 2 years ago. I have such a bad habit of buying things especially make up and letting them gather dust until I accidentally stumble on them like I did with this lipstick.