Friday, 6 January 2012

Zara Gold Dress

My current LOVE is my new vintage gold colour dress from Zara which I got in the sale last weekend. I am actually surprised I picked it up as I dislike clothing with glitter, sparkles and sequins but something about this dress compelled me to try it on and once I did I was in love that I had to buy it. The dress fits like an oversized dress as I got it in a medium size but still has some shape to it which is what is great for me.

I haven't worn this dress yet and knowing me I probably won't wear it anytime soon as I have a tendency to do that and I sometimes find I am wearing an item of clothing for the first time a year after buying it.

Price £29.99

The picture doesn't even do this dress justice but it is made up of square gold panels some of which are darker in colour which I think makes the dress look less like a cheap sequined gold dress.


  1. It soo pretty, I can just imagine that with the cropped hair you had, your ruby woo and your gorgeous lips lol...x

  2. oooo this is NICE!
    the cut really makes it.

    J x

  3. @Promise - I love the sound of that! I might have to wear it with that exact combo. Thanks for the tip xx

    @Jen - It really is nice & I like that its not a tight dress.

  4. Gooooorgeous dress, I would totally wear it! x

  5. It's really nice. I used to despise outfit's with sequins on them but Beyonce's Glastonbury outfit converted me.
    Strut Mode

  6. Omg!! I want this dress. So gorgeous.

  7. stumbled onto your blog and just wanted to show some blog luv! def enjoyed this post! very very cute

  8. Oh it's gorgeous! Going to look stunning in you!