Sunday, 19 June 2011

Nail Haul

Despite only needing to buy a bottle of nail polish remover I bought quite a few nail products this week.

I decided to use my £5 off No7 products vouchers that I had collected from Boots and buy some more nail polish from them after really liking the poolside blue polish I recently bought from No7.

l-r: Hot Pink & Minty Fresh

The Hot Pink colour is not very bright as a I would expect a hot pink shade to be but it is still a very nice pink colour and as the name would suggest the Minty Fresh colour is a mint blue shade.

l-r: Nubar - Diamont Seal & Shine Top Coat, O.P.I - Nail Envy (Dry & Brittle), Sally Hansen - Insta Dri Anti-Chip Top Coat

I bought the Nubar Diamont Seal & Shine Top Coat after Yinka from vexinthecity kindly recommended it to me on twitter after a quick discussion about how Seche Vite has become a nightmare top coat polish. Since I stopped using Seche Vite I have been on the lookout for a top quality quick drying top coat polish to replace it and I hope this Nubar one may be it. I bought Nail Envy by O.P.I for the first time to trial as my nails are currently very dry and need something to help with that and I repurchased the Sally Hansen top coat as it is my current fave quick dry top coat which I use all the time. 

Cutex - Moisture Guard Nail Polish Remover, Sally Hansen - Maximum Growth Cuticle & Nail Treatment

I bought the Cutex nail polish remover to trial as I am so used to using really cheap nail polish removers but I don't think they are helping my dry nails at the moment so I need a change.

P.S. If you haven't already noticed I finally have a new blog design *smiles*


  1. Oh the No7 Minty fresh looks gorgeous. I use cutex nail polish remover and I am really loving it just now! x

  2. love the 2 no7 polishes such gorge colours, kicking myself i let my last voucher go to waste :( x

  3. I have that nail polish remover and I think it's really good. Much better than the cheapo ones and it doesn't give me a headache. I forgot to use my last no7 voucher and the shops were already closed :(

  4. @DebDobDoorNob - the Minty Fresh is a lovely shad but i've just realised I have something a bit similar lol. I hope the Cutex remover is alot better.

    @Victoria-Gabrielle - Dont worry the vouchers will be around again they always are.

    @Tass - Im glad im hearing good things about the Cutex polish remover hopefully it works for me.