Monday, 14 March 2011

Light as Air - China Glaze

Today's nail colour is Light As Air by China Glaze compliments of the lovely Marilou at My Pecious Nail Polish. To my suprise I came home to find a package on my bed a few weeks ago and inside was this lovely polish which she had sent me *smiley face*. (Check out her blog, especially if you are a nail polish addict).

Whilst wearing this nail polish I can't help but think about spring as its a lovely lilac pastel colour which I always associate with spring. Hopefully, if I keep wearing "Spring/Summer" colours on my nails it might come around quicker instead of the little teaser we are getting with the sunny one minute and cloudy the next weather we keep having.


  1. Oooooh it looks super pretty on you! I knew it LOL Now, I hate the colour on me. So fug! (my new slang word) Glad you liked the suprised :)

  2. yeah that color looks amazing on your nails! I may need to go find that somewhere =)

  3. Looking at the bottle i instantly think it looks chalky perhaps a white shade... But once painted on nails you get a lovely lilac.. Suits your complexion nicely =]

  4. where can I buy china glaze in the shops????