Saturday, 28 August 2010

Dr Martens Sale

Hey guys! just a quick post for those that are interested in Dr Martens, the shop in Spitalfields Market is having a sale on boots for £39 which is a bargain!! I went yesterday and managed to pick up some boots for myself, my sister and cousin ☺. The sale is running till monday after which they will be bringing in their new Autumn/Winter stock but I would advise to go before then if you really want a pair. Please be advised that there are only a selected colours and designs on sale.

(poster taken from Wonderland Magazine)

I will put up pics of my purchases soon.

Saturday, 21 August 2010

My Holiday to Nigeria

As some of you may be aware I went on holiday last month for 3 weeks to Abuja in Nigeria with my mum, sister and close friend Andree. This holiday was well and truly needed by the whole family and we had a great time and I can't wait to go back very soon (even my sister loved it and she was hesitant about going away for so long). Despite being a Nigerian this was my second time going to Nigeria and I was excited about going to Abuja as it would be my first time there. Abuja is way more developed than some of the other parts of Nigeria which was nice as we went to the cinema & clubbing like we would do in any other country.

My sis & I wearing our customised Ankara dresses for a wedding. We went to the market to a lady who made our dresses for us in a day (I love how fast they are out there).

I could live on this forever: Fried rice & Jumbo Grilled Prawns with Pepper Mmmm

Andree & Lil Sis

Abuja from the sky, off to another city

Whilst in Abuja I did nothing but eat suya (bbq seasoning with pepper & other spices for meat/chicken), jollof rice & fried rice out there and drank their fanta like it was water. The only problem is that the fanta in Nigeria is so much sweeter than the UK it should be banned but I LOVE it!! We also met some great people out there who took us out and showed us a good time, so thank you for that guys.

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Red Lips: MAC Ruby Woo Lipstick

Whilst I was bored I decided to the try the MAC Ruby Woo lipstick I have in my make up kit. I have never used this colour on myself before but it is a staple red lipstick in my kit as it gives the classic matte red look and it looks even better on fair to medium skin tones. Whenever I use Ruby Woo I always team it with MACs Cherry lip liner as they work very well together.

Anyway here is my first attempt at wearing the Ruby Woo lipstick on myself, what do you guys think? I like the colour but I do feel it comes off a little brighter on me than on others which is probably due to the fact my lips are massive which draws attention to them.

What I used:
MAC Select Cobver-Up Concealer - NC 50 (to shape eyebrows) & NC 45 (under eyes)
MAC Mineralize Skin Finish Natural - Dark
MAC Blush - Loverush (very little dab on cheeks)
MAC Shaping Powder - Accentaute (to highlight cheeks)

Benefit Brow Zings Shaping Powder - Dark
MAC Paint Pot - Groundwork (base)
MAC e/s: Cork (lids), Concrete (outter corner & crease), Era (inner corner), Shroom (brow bone)
MAC Fluidline - Blacktrack
L'Oreal Million Lashes Mascara
Salonsystem Naturalash Falsies - Medium
Benefit Bad Gal

MAC Lip Liner - Cherry (outline & filled in lips)
MAC Lipstick - Ruby Woo

Saturday, 14 August 2010

Victoria's Secret.....Secret Garden Collection

My aunt from California introduced me to the Secret Garden Collection by Victoria's Secret about five years ago when she gave me a body mist and hand lotion as a gift and I have been addicted to the collection ever since. Every time I go to America I make sure I stock up on a vast range of products from the collection to last me until my next visit however, he last time I went to America was in November so considering the fact that I use these body mists everyday I ended up running out. Luckily a friend went to Miami in May and picked me up two bottles of the body mists which will probably run out very soon too.

My faves are the body mists, eau de toilette and the hand & body creams and the highest price you will pay for a product in the collection is $10 but there is always an offer going on where you can mix & match any 3 for $24 or 5 for $30. Sometimes they even have a promotion where you can get any 7 products for $35 (if I remember correctly).

Body Mists (l-r): Berry Kiss, Pure Seduction, Sweet Surrender

The Secret Garden Collection compromises of the following:

Refreshing Body Mists $9
Eau de Toilette $9.50
Ultra-softening Body Butter $10
Ultra-moisturizing Hand & Body Cream $9.50
Hydrating Body Lotion $9
Exhilarating Body Wash $8.50
Nourishing Bath & Shower Cream $9

The above products come in a variety of scents to choose from with the addition of limited edition scents:

Love Spell
Pure Seduction
Amber Romance
Secret Charm
Lost in Fantasy
Luscious Kisses
Coconut Passion
Berry Kiss
Vanilla Lace
Endless Love
Pear Glacé
Strawberries &Champagne

I havent tried the whole collection yet but I always buy Berry Kiss, Pure Seduction, Vanilla Lace and recently I got Sweet Surrender from the limited edition collection which I love as it smells like cocoa butter to me despite it saying Jojoba butter on the bottle.

Thursday, 12 August 2010

Models Own Nail Polish

Over the weekend I purchased 3 nail polishes from the Models Own website after seeing a colour I had to have on my sister's friend earlier in the week. The colour's I purchased were Top Torquoise, Pink Blush and Peach Sherbert which was the colour I really wanted. The nail polishes are £5 each but £12 for three which is why I ended up getting three instead of one.

After placing my order I quickly realised that I had chosen the wrong colour for the nail colour I really wanted and went into a state of panic. I sent an email to every email address I could find but as it was the weekend I got no reply but as soon as I tweeted Models Own on Monday I got a reply straight away. They sorted out my mistake in colour choice and were very friendly too, I definately have to say thanks for that as the service was very prompt and I even got my goodies the next day which I did not expect.

(l-r) Peach Sherbert, Pink Blush, Top Torquoise

With Flash

Without Flash

Im currently wearing the Peach Sherbert colour but I got it done at the nail salon and i'm not happy with the way they did it so I will post a pic of me wearing the polishes later when I re-do them myself.

Saturday, 7 August 2010

Jewellery Haul: My Finger Armour & Rings

This post is actually very long overdue as I got this ring from Topshop back in May. I saw it on someone and knew instantly that I had to have that piece of armour on my finger. I am not even a big fan of silver jewellery but I had to have it and because it also reminded me of a cheap dupe of the Vivienne Westwood armour rings but at a fraction of the price. The only problem with this ring is that it is obviously not sterling silver and will change colour over time unlike the Vivienne Westwood version.

Topshop £14

Here is the ring from Vivienne Westwood which is called 'Armour Ring'
£170 each (picture taken from

In addition here are two other rings I picked up yesterday from H&M which I cant wait to wear as I love rings especially big & chunky ones. I cant leave the house without having a ring(s) on my finger.

This one comes in a set of 3 for £3.99

I really like this one & it comes in silver too £3.99