Friday, 28 May 2010

Weekend Primark Haul

Last weekend I decided to go to Primark to pick up a few summery bits seeing as the weather was great for it. I usually go into Primark pick up a few things and put them down after looking at the queue or I just bypass it altogether but with my sister in tow I had a great plan where she queued up whilst I shopped ;-)

Anyway I picked up a lot of floral stuff which is unlike me but I guess its because I was in the summer spirit.

 Dress £9.00

 Dress £7.50

 Top £3.50 - This top is actually tight fitting & the bottom has a little frill

Sandals £4.00

Sandals £4.00 - As you can see I had to get two LOL

Heels £18.00 - This is th first pair of heels i've bought from Primak as I usually dont buy heels from cheap shops but I love these heels already, can't wait to wear them


  1. Nice haul, its very girly and floral I love it, u guys look so cute

  2. I love everything you bought! The dresses are so cute for this time of year.

  3. cute blog....i own the dress at the top and it looks amazing!

    check out my blog and if you like it, i would appreciate a follow:

    will defo keep reading ur blog so keep posting. xx

  4. great haul! love the gladiator sandals!