Wednesday, 27 January 2010

YSL Touche Eclat

Last week I finally bought the YSL Touche Eclat - a light refelecting concealer pen. I have been meaning to buy this product for over a year now but everytime I remember to get it I am always at a YSL counter that doesn't sell the colour for my skin tone which always manages to piss me off as there are counters everywhere but for some reason I can only get my colour at either Harrods or Selfridges?!? Anyway enough ranting, I have only used it twice but I will put up a review soon to let you know what I think of it for those of you who haven't tried this product yet.

Colour No. 4 - £24.00

Thursday, 21 January 2010

Beauty Purchases

This week I decided to get a few beauty products which was mainly influenced by the many No7/Ruby & Millie £5 off vouchers I had from Boots and a spot attack.

Before the No7 promotion at Boots I had never used any of their products or even had the desire to do so but after spending what seemed like an hour talking to the No7 sales assistant I/we decided to try the Protect & Perfect Beauty Serum in the orginal formula as she explained the intense formula was more suited to older women (like my mother as she kindly put it but unbeknownst to her my mum has no signs of ageing not even a wrinkle lol). I also wanted to try the Pore Refining Serum but the sales assistant insisted I didnt have any pores and I changed my mind (but I beg to differ and will be going back to get it).

Normal price £18.50 but I got it for £13.50

I also picked up a No7 nail polish in Totally Teal which is quite a dark colour.

Normal price £6.25 but I paid £1.25 with my voucher

On monday I woke to a face full of random spots which is weird as I only get spotty when I am stressed (e.g. during my final year at uni) so I decided to take a long overdue trip to The Body shop and restock up on their Tea Tree range which I find helps to get red of my blemishes. I also got a Tea Tree & witch Hazel spot wand from boots which has a clear gel for the day and a thicker formula to use at night.

The Body Shop Tea Tree Face Wash £4.50, Tea Tree Face Mask £6.50 & Boots Tea Tree & Witch Hazel Spot Wand £3.49

I also decided to visit the Lush store for the first time as i've been seeing so many reviews about their products online but I was definitely not impressed and walked back out after scanning the store. I don't know what all the hype is about this brand?

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Products I'm Using at the Moment

Recently I've seen a few of these posts where people put up what products they are currently using and I decided to join in as its always nice to know what beauty products other people are using (if you're nosey like me).

Primer: None. Currently using Smashbox & Laura Mercier samples until I make a decision

Concealer: MAC Select Cover-Up

Foundation: MAC Studio Moisture Tint SPF 15 (Tinted Moisturiser)

Powder: i.d. Mineral Veil

Blush: MAC Raizin & Bourjois Rose

Eyeshadow: MAC Amber Lights

Eye liner: Maybelline Liner Express

Mascara: Max Factor Masterpiece Max

Lipstick: MAC Half n Half

Lipgloss: MAC Lipgelee Cello Pink (its been discontinued a while ago but I have 1 left that I use once a month lol)

Nail colour: Sephora by OPI Dont Go There

Face Wash: Neutrogena Gentle Exfoliator & Body Shop Tea Tree Face Wash

Cleanser: Simple Kind to Skin Purifying Cleansing Lotion

Toner: Simple Kind to Skin Soothing Facial Toner

Moisturiser: Simple Oil Balancing Moisturiser

Body Moisturiser: Palmers Cocoa Butter

Perfume: Vera Wang Princess

It would be nice to know what beauty products you guys are using too.

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

FOTD Request

Here's another FOTD requested by Imo using my fav lippie of the moment: MAC - Speed Dial I also added a little bit MAC Lipgelee in Slicked Pink.


Monday, 18 January 2010


Last week I went to watch Daybreakers at the cinema and what a disappointment it was (its one of those films I wouldn't even buy on dvd!!). I really would not recommend this film to anyone especially if you dont like blood & gore. Anyway, back to the point here is a pic of the make up I had on to the cinema.

Products used:
MAC Select Cover-Up - NC50
MAC Studio Moisture Tint - Deep Dark
MAC Mineralise Skinfinish Natural Powder - Dark
Bourjois Blush - Rose
Inglot Palette - Purple & Gold
Sleek Storm Palette - Brown
MAC Fluidline - Blacktrack
MAC Eye Kohl - Smolder
Max Factor Masterpiece Max Mascara
MAC Lipstick - Half n Half (nude)
MAC Lipgelee -

Thursday, 14 January 2010

Look Magazine Beauty Discounts

Today I came across a few beauty discounts that are being advertised in Look Magazine this week and I decided to share it with you guys (for those who haven't seen it yet)



20% off at HQhair
Discount code: LOOKMAG
Offer ends midnight 25/01/2010

15% off at Benefit
Discount code: BENLOOK1
Offer ends 12/02/2010

20% off at Barry M 
Discount code: LOOK20
Offer ends 19/01/2010

20% Off at OPI Nail Varnish at Lena White 
Discount code: LOOK20
Offerends 12/02/2010

Nail Colour of the Week

As mentioned yesterday I am currently wearing the Models Own nail polish in Red Alert that I bought over the weekend. I haven't used this brand before but I have no complaints so far, the consistency was great and I only needed 2 coats.

Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Mini Nail Polish Haul

During the weekend just gone I ended up doing a little bit of shopping mainly online (which I hate doing) but being the cheapy I can sometimes be I couldnt miss out on a bargain.

I firstly got a No7 Stay Perfect nail polish in Damson Dream from Boots for only £1.25 as I had a £5 voucher to use on either Ruby & Millie or No7 products. I have about 3 more vouchers so I will be out shopping again this week :-)

I finally gave in and bought a bottle of Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat for about £7. This wasn't on sale but I can say that I am now converted and my other top coats do not compare!!! After applying the top coat, my nails dried HARD without any smudging in about 5-10 mins which never happens with any of my other top coats. I usually have to sit around for like an hour after doing my nails trying not to bump them or do anything at all or I end up going to bed with what seems to be 'dry' nails but wake up with smudges on every nail. I would definitely recommend this product to everyone, after you get over the price you will definitely love it like I do...even if you do not do your nails often.

Whilst browsing ASOS I came across this bargain that I couldnt resist, two Models Own polishes in 25 Carat Gold & Red Alert for £2.50. I am wearing the red alert colour now and I love how bright it is especially when teamed with my new Seche Vite.

I bought a few other things online but I am still waiting for them to be delivered so I will put them up later.

Tuesday, 12 January 2010

5 Items I have to Have In My Bag

Hey guys, here's a mini list of the products I have to have in my bag at all times:

1. The Green Little Tin & MAC Lipgelee - I hate dry lips with a passion!!! (to me they are both one product as I use both at the same time)

2. Victoria Secrets Hand & Body Cream from the Secret Garden Collection - Pure Seduction is my fav scent out of all of them and its great for dry hands

3. MAC Lipstick - Speed Dial - I wear this lipstick nearly everyday now

4. Blackberry - Even though it needs go into reitrement it still allows me make & recieve calls and sometimes use the internet despite having a white line across my screen....My upgrade is due next month and I cannot wait!!!

5. A Book - At the moment I am still trying to finish my New Moon book which means I haven't seen the film yet :-( This is because I try to always read any book before watching most films even if I am out of the loop with my...fellow Twilight fans.

What items do you have to have in your bag at all times?

Monday, 11 January 2010

Face Of The Day - FOTD

Here's my first FOTD post. Nothing special just a simple day make up look with the addition of the coral lipstick colour I got from Inglot last week and MAC Lipgelee in Slicked Pink.

Sunday, 10 January 2010

Fashion Assisting - Photoshoot 1

During the summer I had a fabulous opportunity to assist Lauraine Bailey a Fashion Stylist on a few photoshoots she had planned. This turned out to be a great opportunity as I was introduced to a great Make Up Artist on the first shoot I assisted.

Working with Lauraine for the first time showed me how hard it is to be a fashion stylist and all the backstage work that goes into creating an outfit for each look. I remember this day very clearly as it was a very hot/sweaty day and we all had to prep in a very small room that just about fitted the model, the make up artist, Lauraine and myself. What made it even worse was the fact that despite the heat I was steaming all the creases out of the garments which added more heat to the room.

This was my first exposure into a photoshoot and I can say that I learnt alot on the day especially paying attention to detail and still managed to have a fab time working with everyone. (Please check out their websites below)

Here is a few pic from the shoot:

Fashion Stylist: Lauaraine Bailey @
Hair & Make-up: Claire De Graft @
Photographer: Dominic Clarke @
Model: Emmily @ Nevs
Fashion Assistant: Henrietta Omosigho @

Saturday, 9 January 2010

Chloe's Giveaway

Chloe @ ♥ Make-Up Princess ♥ is having a giveaway to mark hitting 200 followers, check her to enter the compettition.

Friday, 8 January 2010

Nail Colour of the Week

This week has been very boring mainly because of the damn snow that caused most of England to grind to a halt!! KMT!! Anyway, enough ranting as I still managed to brave the snow/ice (mind you I nearly broke a few bones even with my Uggs on kmt!!!).

This week I decided to use a nail polish I got from Forever 21 in San Francisco. I hate everything about this polish apart from the colour, the consistency and the brush is crap but with a few topcoats it turned out alright. Due to boredom I decided to play about and added random black dots to it.

L.A. Girl Flare - Salmon

Wednesday, 6 January 2010


After reading Charlotte's blog @ Lipglossing last week about Inglot I had the biggest itch to try out this brand, this is because I had never heard of the brand before but loved the concept they had in place. Basically, you choose from a selection of palettes they have on offer ie trios, qauds etc. Once you have chosen a palette you can then mix & match from with their square & round eyeshadow pans, lipstick pans, concealer pans etc. This system is called the Freedom System which gives the customer total control over what products/colour they include in their palette which is great as I am sometiemes put off by the colour combos in some ready made palettes.

If you are as indecisive as I am then I would not reccomend this shop to you as I spent about an hour in the shop before finally deciding which palettes to go with and also what colours I wanted (even with assistance from a friend!!). Inglot have such a wide selection of colours to choose from for all of their products, trust me you will notice it before you even walk into the shop (I felt like a kid in a sweet shop). I eventually went for the quad palettes for the larger eyeshadow pans and the trio palettes for the lipcolour pans.

Quad Eyeshadow Palette £18

Colours: Top l-r
Amc Shine 43, Amc Shine 40
Bottom l-r
Pearl 447, Pearl 450

My only negative about this quad eyeshadow palette is that I dont like the magnets that hold it in place and the way it opens up because of it but other than that I have no problems with it so far.

Trio Lipcolour Palette £11 (£3 for the lip brush)

74, 35 & 24
(not sure which ones which as I cant take it out the palette)


I really love the lip colours I chose. The 1st shade is a nice nude shade, the 2nd one is a coral tone which is not too bright on and the 3rd is a lilac/baby pink shade which is not as bright as the flash makes it out to be.

I havent used any of the palettes yet apart from swatching them in the shop but I can tell that this is a brand I will defintely be re-visiting mainly because of the freedom they give you to choose what you want for your palettes and the colours available and because I need to get some of their nail polishes too.

Saturday, 2 January 2010

My Fav Liquid Eyeliners

I previoulsy mentioned in one of my posts that I have been using the Maybelline Liner Express liquid eyeliner for years and would recommend it to anyone who loves liquid eyeliners. I'm not sure whether it is just me and my sensitive skin but everytime I use any other high street brand of liquid eyeliner my eyelids always sting, so after testing different high street brands a while ago I realised that the Maybelline Liner Express was the best for my sensitive eyes and for its precision.

I have become so used to wearing liquid eyeliner as part of my daily routine that I actually feel naked if I dont have it on. So when my Maybelline eyeliner finished whilst on holiday I actually was not a happy person for a few days (for some weird reason they dont sell this particular eyeliner in America).  I even tried to use my sisters Rimmel Glam Eyes liquid eyeliner but that just ended up stinging my eyelids so I knew I had to go to MAC for their Fluidline Eyeliner, which I first set eyes on when a make up artist I was assisting used it. MACs Fluidline eyeliner is different to other liquid eyeliners as it is of a gel consistency and comes in a small pot.

Maybelline Liner Express

MAC Fluidline & MAC 266 Brush

 Maybelline Liner Express

 MAC Fluidline

I have been using the MAC Fluidline very regularly since buying it in October and I can defiately say its great & it doesnt budge once on either. I also use it for a simple daytime look as well as for evenings which I dont usually do with Maybelline eyeliner. However, I still find the Maybelline eyeliner best for everyday wear as I can put it on in a matter of seconds in comparison to MACs Fluidline.