Saturday, 5 December 2009

A Pleasant Surprise from Sleek

Sooo whilst out shopping for my usual beauty/hair products this week I decided to take a look at the Sleek make-up stand in Superdrug's for the first time. Considering the fact that I have hated this brand for yeeaars I dont why I did, but to my surprise I was drawn to their Mineral Based Eyeshadow Palettes. I have seen a few reviews about the brand before but I have always DISLIKED Sleek as I always remember seeing the products in Afro-Caribbean hair shops being displayed disgustingly and black women looking like they've been 'Tangoed' whilst wearing their foundations.

Anyway.... after playing about (or should I say testing) the eyeshadow colours on my skin I decided to buy two palettes at £4.99 each why not??....(even if they end up being rubbish its still cheap!)

Heres what they look like....

Graphite 573

Storm 578

I have already used the Grpahite palette and I must admit I am impressed with the way the colours stand out on my skin . I will post pics of my trials once I have used the Storm palette.

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