Monday, 24 November 2014

Travel: Monaco

Last month I surprised my boyfriend with a trip to Monaco for his 30th Birthday, but as always I am late to report back. I planned it since August so it was very hard for me to not blab it to him and not get caught out in a lie whenever he asked what we were doing for his birthday. The surprise reveal went very well despite the fact that I woke him up at 3 am on his birthday to tell him and then gave him 45 mins to get ready for the airport lol.

We were only in Monaco for 4 days but we managed to sight see and visit the royal palace, the great aquarium on the palace grounds, take a day trip to Cannes and spend a few hours in Nice as well as go out to fabulous restaurants every night. We stayed in the 

1. Flying into Nice | 2. View of Monaco from our balcony 
3. View of Monaco from the Palace | 4. View of Cannes from the hill top

1. Dress I wore to my boyfriend's birthday dinner
Sequin Bardot Dress - TFNC via Topshop (also on ASOS) | Clutch - H&M | Heels - ASOS

2. Dinner & Cocktails at Buddha-Bar 
Sequin Blazer - H&M | Faux Leather Skirt - Zara | Sheer Vest Top - H&M | Necklace - Forever 21

3. Final night in Monaco dinner outfit
Sheer Peplum Top - Zara | Dogtooth Cigarette Trousers - Topshop (Tall Range)

Of course I had to hit up Sephora. I went to 3 Sephora's; Monaco, Cannes and Nice (yes I know I have a problem!). I also bought a Lancome Hypnose Drama mascara duo set from Duty Free as I always do whenever I fly and I after a little search I managed to find in the supermarket in Monaco the L'Oreal Super Liner So Couture which has not been released in the UK (it's amazing!)

The French Rivera in October was very nice with beautiful weather and amazing views along the coast line. I would recommend a trip there especially during the summer months however, be warned that Monaco is a very small so I would suggest to travel to different towns such as Cannes, Nice etc which are very easily accessible via train.

Monday, 27 October 2014

Sigma Makeup Brushes

I bought these brushes from the Sigma website a while back in May. I have this thing where I come across things I really need and buy them and then somehow forget about it straight away, this is exactly what happened with these Sigma Makeup Brushes. Now that I have resurrected them from  their hiding place I really wonder why I didn't start using them instantly, because they are really good quality brushes.

 I ordered the following brushes (l-r):

F40 Large Angled Contour Brush - $19 F35 Tapered Highlighter Brush - $21
P82 Precision Round Brush - $18 E45 Small Tapered Blending Brush - $12 E30 Pencil Brush - $12

All the above brushes came to a total of $73.80 after I applied a 10% discount code and then I paid $22.30 shipping fee, so in total $96.10 which is is approximately £60. Now that is not bad especially when the quality of these Sigma brushes can rival MAC's brushes which on average cost £25 per brush.

I paid for international delivery and from the date of purchase they took about 10-14 days to arrive  from America which isn't bad however, the only problem was that I had to pay a £17 duty fee when I went to pick them up from the Post Office. 

My favourites are the F40 and P82 brushes. I currently use the F40 brush with my Guerlain Terracotta bronzer and other contour powders and I like to use the P82 blend concealer under my eyes. Now that I have bought Sigma brushes I will invest in more brushes from the brand because I really like the quality. If you do not already own any Sigma brushes I suggest you check them out, however you may want to try buying them from a UK site such as Love Makeup the prices are not that more expensive than it would be from the US and you wont be lumbered with a Duty Fee to pay when it is delivered.

Monday, 22 September 2014

MAC x Lorde Pure Heroine Lipstick

MAC x Lorde Pure Heroine Limited Edition Lipstick | £15.50 buy here (for a limited time)

Last month I bought the MAC x Lorde Pure Heroine lipstick as an impulse buy whilst shopping online. I already own quite a few purple lipsticks (post to come soon) but I always jump at the opportunity to add my growing collection when the opportunity arises. The fact that Pure Heroine is a Limited Edition Lipstick was also another deciding factor for me when I bought it. I didn't want for the lipstick to come and go and then for me to crave something I couldn't get which (usually happens with me).

Pure Heroine up close and swatched on my hand

Pure Heroine is described by MAC as a 'deep plum', in an amplified finish. The colour is quite pigmented but with a creamy/shiny finish to the lipstick. I actually expected Pure Heroine to be slightly darker in colour than it is, but thankfully when applied the colour is pigmented however, it is just not as intense/darker as I intially expected.

For those of you wondering Pure Heroine is very different in shade and tone to MAC's Heroine lipstick. Heroine is a lighter fuschia purple shade whilst Pure Heroine is a darker purple shade with pink undertones but has more of a gloss/sheen finish to it.

Wearing MAC x Lorde Pure Heroine Lipstick with MAC Nightmoth Lip Liner

As you can see from the above photo I am wearing Pure Heroine with Nightmoth lip liner and I think they pair perfectly well together (If you don't already own Nightmoth please believe me when I say you need it!). Pure Heroine is a definitely a welcomed addition to my lipstick collection especially for  the Autumn/Winter months.

If you are interested in buying this lipstick please remember that it is a Limited Edition lipstick and I am not sure it will be around for (not that I am trying to convince you to buy it).

Thursday, 28 August 2014

KIKO Water Eye Shadow - 208

A few weeks ago I picked the popular KIKO Water Eye Shadow in 208 from their store at Westfield. This eye shadow like many other things has been on my wish list for ages especially after hearing it was similar to MAC's Limited Edition Extra Dimension Skin Finish in Whisper of Guilt. I have never seen Whisper of Guilt or to be honest even really cared about it but I was intrigued to find out more about the KIKO eye shadow that everyone keeps raving about being similar to it. I have only shopped at KIKO once and I was literally in and out to get a primer, so it was nice to actually have a look at what they have on offer this time around. I'm not sure if I am a KIKO covert yet but they have a very wide range of affordable cosmetics and beauty products that I will like to try when I get a chance to go back to their store.

KIKO Water Eye Shadow 208 | £8.90 - buy from  KIKO online or instore

The 208 eye shadow is a 'Water' eye shadow which can be worn wet or dry, or even worn as a highlighter. It is described by KIKO as a 'light gold' and the texture is very soft to the touch when I swatched it with my fingers. The product comes in an all black square eye shadow pan which is slightly a little bulky for my liking. I think the colour is a good shade of gold for my skin tone, it is not too bronzey or too light.

Swatched once and blended out 

As you can see from the above picture with one swipe of the product on my arm the eye shadow is very pigmented and the colour is even more intense when applied wet (sorry not pictured). I have only two negatives with the eye shadow, one is that I find it is a little flaky in the pan when I swiped my finger or brush over it however once it was applied and blended onto the skin the flakiness disappears and the smooth soft texture remains. I also find that the shimmer particles in the eye shadow a bit bigger than I personally like. They are not massive specks of glitter which I absolutely hate but they are still visible enough for me to notice it, I don't think I will personally be using it as a highlighter on my skin but I will definitely be using it as an eye shadow both wet and dry. All in all this is a very good multi use eye shadow and I can see why it is popular. 

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